Access to finance is essential to the growth of SME's within ASEAN as we move towards offering better products, services and increase our competitiveness. With the recent launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), there is massive potential for our SME's to position themselves, innovate and expand their reach to untapped markets.

We've compiled financial institutions that provide this assistance to help enable our SME's in their respective ASEAN countries.

SME Clean Loan

Fund for Small and Medium Industries 2

Soft Loans for SME

Enterprise Facilitation Scheme (EFS)

Business Installment Loan

CIP 500

Micro Loan Programme (MLP)

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Loan (MSME)

Micro Loan

Simple Loan

Working Capital Loan

Retail Lending for Micro and Small Enterprises (RLM)

Small and Medium Enterprise Loan (SME)

SME Loan Package

Short-term Direct Lending Program for SMEs

Business Development Loan Facility

General Loan

Bualuang Tan Jai Loan

KTB Convenience Trade


Kern-roi Loan